Having been involved in food manufacturing logistics for over 30 years, I ought to know better, however, food supply chains remain a fascination.


Once you appreciate that the farm plan you’ve agreed with the agricultural boys won’t deliver the perfect number of customer orders sold, you either love and embrace the challenge of food logistics, or you leave and ship lego bricks.


There is no better logistics training than managing the biggest annual surprise of the year. We’ve enjoyed it for thousands of years and it’s still a surprise.


Having managed multiple food sites, all with their own critical peaks and subsequently co-owned an asset-based food logistics business, the next step is obvious.


Take a handful of talented and experienced food logistics’ professionals and manage multiple manufacturers’ food logistics.




It’s a mindset.


Imagine how many technological advances Google, Amazon, AirBnB & Uber will make in the 26 weeks it takes to fatten a turkey for the biggest surprise of the year…….


It’s time for change.

I believe Horizon Logistics Solutions has a truly unique proposition.

As a non-asset, logistics and supply chain business, we’re collaborative and vendor-neutral.

Truly unique.

We manage customer supply chains and take responsibility for the total service we deliver. We scope, review and redesign supply chains employing the appropriate vendor for the requirement.

As supply chains demand agility and technology breeds consumer choice, there has never been a more exciting time to be in food logistics. 

John Watson

Owner and Director


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All of our staff have over 30 years experience in the Logistics Industry.


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