What is the difference between a 3PL and 4PL? What is a Control Tower?

A first-party logistics provider (1PL) is a manufacturer that does not outsource transport and logistic activities to third parties. These functions are carried out by the company’s own departments.

A second-party logistics provider (2PL) is an asset-based carrier, which owns the means of transportation.

A third-party logistics provider (3PL) provides outsourced or 'third party' logistics services to companies for either all or part of their supply chain management functions.

A fourth-party logistics provider (4PL) is an independent, non-asset based integrator who will assemble the resources, capabilities and technology to design, build and run supply chain solutions for clients.

A control tower is an alternative description for the style of service and software used by Horizon as a 4PL. Just like the control tower at Heathrow Airport that oversees all incoming and outgoing air traffic by means of their advanced technology, competent people and streamlined processes, Horizon Logistic Solutions oversees the supply chain of our customers.

What Value does Horizon Logistics Solutions add to the Supply Chain?

Operating as a control tower, Horizon Logistics Solutions adds value by managing efficient automated processes enabling data-based control and decision-making, by offering matching advantages through its large network of carriers and customers and by its effectiveness in deploying new solutions across the supply chain.

Customers have found that Horizon Logistic Solutions is able to manage orders at a lower cost through efficient processes such as our automated tender tool, self billing processes and supplier portal. Our large network of carriers and customers has allowed us to establish a freight exchange to publish spot orders. Spot orders can be picked up by our network of carriers, allowing the carriers to reduce empty miles and guaranteeing the lowest market price for our customers. Our knowledgeable logistic engineers know the industry and customer requirements to guarantee quality.

How does Horizon Logistics Solutions guarantee service and legal compliance of carriers?

Horizon Logistics Solutions operate to BRC Global Standards and prefers to use only accredited suppliers. However, their team of experienced supply chain engineers visit customer plants as well as carrier locations to audit the organisation, processes and technology of our suppliers as required by our customers. In addition to monitoring service level agreements, Horizon has a broad range of experience in its own right and can call upon the knowledge of colleagues, suppliers and clients to enhance that. Audits are also offered as a separate service where requested.

How does Horizon Logistics Solutions invest in the future?

Horizon Logistic Solutions is agile, which makes it an exciting development within Horizon. In order to remain reputable in the market, we recognise the need to continuously adapt to the changing environment.

Years ago, we owned trucks and sheds; now, we employ technology and quality people in order to utilise 3rd party assets.

We strive to be a strategic, progressive partner for customers and suppliers alike and accordingly invest not only for the short term, but with an eye for the long term.

We are continuously scouting the market for the most competent and motivated people to join the team. The IT system that forms the heart of the control tower concept is continuously being upgraded with new modules and functionalities.

We review internal processes to implement improvements to achieve our vision of ‘seamless food logistics’.

Who do I get in contact with for more information?

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